Running Notes

Here is where I will track my current thoughts on being a better runner.  It’s a touch sparse now and hopefully I’ll improve over time.


I believe that getting nutrition correct is the key to success in finishing any longer run of anything more than 2 hours.  I personally believe that the #1 challenge runners have in finishing races is due to not having enough hydration and nutrition to give them the energy to get through hours of endurance racing (proper pacing is my #2).

This page covers my current nutrition plan and also has ideas for future things to try.

Current Nutrition

I tend to use 200-300 calories, 500mg of sodium, and 16-24 oz of water an hour.  I am lucky to be able to handle any food and typically carry:

  • Honey Stinger chews: 160 cal, 80mg sodium,
  • Shot Bloks: 200 cal, 100mg sodium, summer only as they get too hard in the cold, any flavor except Black Cherry (which is normally a favorite flavor.  Weird.)
  • PocketFuel Nut Butter: nice change from sweets on longer runs, 170 cal
  • ProBar Meals (>5 hour runs)
  • Gels (mainly as a caffeine shot when needed): Gu 100 cal, 55mg sodium
  • Nuun Active Nutrition: 360mg sodium, Tri-Berry current favorite

Things that don’t work for me

Been pretty lucky here so far and haven’t found anything horrible other than tastes I don’t like (coffee being the big one).

Resources and Things to Try

UltraRunning Magazine FB post on Nutrition ideas: Review of Tailwind Nutrition:

Seattle Mountain Running Group FB Post:

Osmo Nutrition: Used by running coach Michael Covey., powder, 35cal & 160mg sodium per 8oz water

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