Good news: The person who used my electric car charge card contacted me over Facebook with the following message:

Hi Ross. I am the one who used your EZ card. I found it’s few weeks ago on the ground at Centralia’s supercharger. I was first curious on wether [sic] it was working or not, and when it turns out that it was, I somehow wrongly assumed that it was some free Nissan charging card, providing free charging, or something similar. I never thought I was actually making an individual pay for the usage. I am obviously deeply sorry and embarrassed. Please send me your address so I can send it back to you, along with a check for what I used.

He ended up Paypal-ing me for the amount charged.  The card had already been cancelled so I wasn’t worried about that coming back.

I remain disappointed that the person didn’t call up the company using the phone number on the card and give them the card ID so they could track me down.

The “I never thought I was actually making an individual pay” was also incredibly disappointing.  There is no free lunch.  Someone will always pay.  In this case it was Nissan who included the cost as part of the Leaf purchase price, just as Tesla includes the cost of Supercharger usage in the upfront cost of purchasing a Tesla.  Ugh.

Anyway, I let the police know the issue was resolved and hopefully the person learned their lesson.  Also hopefully everyone hearing this story will also think twice before doing something similar.

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