Redmond Watershed Full Marathon / 2

In preparation for the Gorge 50K at the end of the month, I need to get my mileage up. Given that the Redmond Watershed is less than 5 minutes away, it seemed natural to sign up for Northwest Trail Runs Full Marathon race on March 2nd.

The weather turned out to match the forecast, 37 degrees and sprinkles turning into solid rain. The course is a counter-clockwise loop of the Watershed except with 2 extra out-and-backs to add the additional mileage to get to 6.55 per loop, making it 4 loops for the full. Parked offsite and took the shuttle in plenty early (because, unlike every other aspect of my life, that’s the way I roll for races). Registered w/my ex-coworker Tim Harris and waited for the start.
During Course Briefing

Had a good course briefing, which essentially came down to “The course is well marked. There are flour arrows and pin flags on turns.” A minute or two later we were off. Took a few minutes to get spread out enough to run and from then on it was fairly easy to keep my own pace. Within half a mile, Kristin Parker and Lisa Wood pased by heading back to the start having finished their first loop after the early start. I felt good and kept it fairly fast on the flats at ~10 min/mile, although was walking the hills.

About 1 mile in my gloves and headband came off. About 2 miles in, got too hot and took off the jacket, stuffing it in my pack. By the time I finished the first loop the rain started to pick up and I was again cold. I figured my vest would be a good compromise but in a fit of cleaning I had pulled it out of my pack and left at home so back on the jacket came. I was actually pretty comfortable with the jacket on in the second lap, perhaps because it was a touch colder and wetter or I just wasn’t pushing as hard. This definitely shows I need to work on my cold-weather gear.

After a slow start on the second lap, Kristin caught up to me at the half-way aid station. Had a good time hanging with her, as she did a very fast run followed by a bit of walking. I could almost keep up but after a mile or two I encouraged her to not wait for me and she took off, which was especially impressive given she was a lap ahead of me. Great talking w/her and look forward to rooting her on at Chuckanut in 2 weeks. As I came into the start/finish/turaround line, Kristin was already heading back out for her final lap.

The problem w/Watershed is that it’s far too easy to bail when you finish each loop. If the rain and temp had held steady, it would have been an easy decision to continue on past the Half. However at this point it was pouring buckets and even colder (35 or 36), making it a much more difficult decision. And it was pouring. And cold. And I was slow at 2:48 for the half.

The call of the car was too strong and I bailed having done 2 loops for the Half. Hopped on the bus, hopped in the car, hobbled up the stairs, and hopped into a cold, but slowly warming shower.

I’m pretty disappointed I didn’t get my mileage in. My legs were willing but the rest of my body and most importantly my mind were not. No more long races planned before Gorge but there are a few opportunities with Dizzy Days and the Cupcake Run so we’ll have to see. I really just need to kick in some 20+ mile, back-to-back runs. Will make it happen as I’m beginning to panic about Gorge (more on that later).

Before: Protein Shake and leftover doughnut at home and then 1/3 banana and 1/2 slice of blueberry pound cake at aid station. = 600 KCal
During: 2 packets of Honey Stinger chews, 36 oz Nuun, 1/2 slice blueberry pound cake, one oreo = 600 KCal
After: 1/3 banana, 1/4 bagel = 150 KCal
Dinner: Olive Garden Salad, Soup, breadsticks = 1,600 KCal
Total KCals eaten: 3000
Extra KCals burned: 1800
Leaving: 1200 KCals for the day, probably a bit high given my current goals.

Clothes and Gear:
Light, long-sleeve shirt under
heavy, 1/3 zipper long-sleeve shirt under
yellow brooks windbreaker
Started out w/light gloves and Pigtails headband
Ultraspire 2 24oz bottle pack (my new Salomon S-Lab Adv 12L is still missing a bladder and I don’t want to only rely on the boobie-bottles).

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